Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP




Cooked grape must, Wine vinegar.


The connoisseur’s favorite condiment. Drizzle on salads as a vinaigrette, on carpaccio or vegetables, especially asparagus. A fine ingredient for tartar and the very best for glazes.

True to its name, Modena Balsamic Vinegar is made exclusively from the finest grapes cultivated near Modena, the famous city and municipality of northern Italy. It’s the most renowned region in the world for producing balsamic vinegar — as well as classy Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars.

Modena’s unique class and craftsmanship can be tasted in every single teaspoon of this smooth yet tangy condiment. Production of this organic balsamic vinegar starts as a cooked grape “must,” a juice from fresh squeezed and crushed hand-picked fruits, including the seeds, stems, and skins. Next, it is slowly fermented, aged, then refined in casks of high-quality authentic woods.

The final addition to the recipe is a robust wine vinegar, concluding its fermentation and maturing its flavors. This organic vinegar is also made from grapes in the region. The result is a crisp deep-brown balsamic vinegar with a clear, bright palette of flavor profiles: most notably a bitter-sweet astringent taste, the sign of a true balsamic. Perfect for salads, carpaccios, tartars, vegetables, notably asparagus.

Net weight: 9 oz
Gross weight: 17 oz


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