Extra Virgin Taggiasca Olive Oil



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100% Extra virgin olive oil – “Taggiasca” quality


Fine olives used for either seasoning or finishing a dish. Pair it with pasta preparations, risotto, or fish courses – top them on a salad.

Made solely from Taggiasca olives. You’ll be sure to taste every influence of the rarified air, moisture, and unparalleled environments that nurture each olive’s production — flavors and growing factors only found in olives grown near Taggia and surrounding regions in the Italian Riviera.

Taggiasca olives are famously grown on terraced olive trees carved into steep mountainsides, designed to overlook narrow valleys reaching all the way to the ocean. These valleys channel oceanic air currents that bring the sea’s moisture, warmth, and ideal conditions straight to the groves, nourishing them in a way not found anywhere else, and making Taggiasca olive oil the most famous in the world.

All this grants our olive oil a truly special and complex quality that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Subtle flavors evoke memories of ripe fruit, almonds, and fresh flowers. The oil itself is light and golden yellow with some transparency. Sweet flavors hit the palate as soon as it is tasted, followed by a delicate floral aftertaste. It’s simple yet versatile enough to be paired with any gastronomic dish, though notably recommended for finishing delicate foods like pasta, salads, risotto, and fish.

Net weight: 8 oz
Gross weight: 16 oz


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