Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili condiment



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Extra virgin olive oil 93%, Red pepper extract 4%, Dehydrated red pepper 3%.


The perfect seasoning for spicing up a versatile range of dishes. Use in tartar sauces, pasta dishes, salads, and vegetable preparations.

The ideal product designed for lovers of the finest olive oils — as well as those who enjoy a touch of chili. Our condiment is crafted with sublime extra virgin olive oil macerated with fine quality hot chili peppers, each one freshly grown and harvested.

Along with dehydrated red pepper added directly for infusion, this oil also contains a touch (4%) of red pepper extract for extra bite. This divine pairing of oil and pepper lends a flavorful, spicy, and vibrant zest to a grand versatility of dishes. In final form, the oil exhibits a strong scarlet color, decorated with red pepper flakes.

Use it as a tasty, fragrant dressing or an enriching finish for cold preparations. Regardless of ingredients or culinary style, chefs and cooks should be prepared for an exciting condiment with a strong, lingering heat that is both intense and persistent — and an absolute delicacy for preparations that require spiciness, including pasta, salads, tartars, and vegetables.

Net Weight: 8 oz
Gross Weight: 16 oz


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