Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1L)



Extra virgin olive oil – 100% Italian quality.


There’s no end to the flavors it can enhance. Great for all types of cooking, but pairs best of all with dishes featuring meats, fish, and especially fried or sautéed foods.

A simple, straightforward, yet lively olive oil made from carefully hand-selected olives, all grown in Italy and 100% Extra Virgin. Each individual fruit is thoroughly examined and chosen for quality — and it really shows in the final product’s flavors and aromas.

A drizzle of this delicious condiment creates a perfect crossroads where full, well-rounded olive notes meet with all the delicate fruitiness possible in the fruit. Actual oil appearance can be described as a sheer and intense golden yellow. Besides its flavors, it is equally aromatic in the same ways, unlocking an unequivocal fragrance each time it is freshly used.

You’ll find that this premium unfiltered oil brings warmth and richness to cold recipes: mixed salads, vegetables, and some meat preparations. It’s the perfect accompaniment to dressings, sauces, seasonings, finishing, and elevates even simple everyday cooking to a new level of transcendence, including light batter frying.

Net weight: 32 oz
Gross weight: 53.5 oz


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