Tagliolini Pasta



Durum wheat semolina, Water, EggsWheat germ.


Whether sautéed with mushrooms, artichoke, or zucchini and aubergine, or as a side of meat – braised beef or veal Blanquette – this pasta marries itself perfectly to pesto, tomato sauce, and bolognaise. Dominique uses it for the famous bottarga pasta, with lemon olive oil.

The care, precision, and artisanal skill that make this a one-of-a-kind pasta also make it an absolute feast for the senses — especially the taste buds. The highest quality durum wheat bran is selected and combined with perfect proportions of egg, unleashing a range of exquisite yet earthy flavors made truly appetizing and complex with help from wheat germ as another central ingredient.

This pasta is then very finely cut into fine strands, making it not only delicate in flavor but texture and appearance, too. Afterward, Tagliolini pasta is slowly dried at low temperatures and hand-laid on fine-tuned cutting frames, giving the product its signature “curvy” shape — and a sure sign of its authentically handcrafted origins. For best cooking results, limit boiling time to about 5 minutes.

Not recommended for people with allergies to gluten. In order to produce other items, the manufacturing plant also processes fish and clams.

Net weight: 18 oz
Gross weight: 19.5 oz


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