Fleur De Sel From Sicily



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100% Hand-picked sea salt.


A piquant yet delicately-flavored artisan seal salt. So versatile it can accentuate everything from savory meats to sweets, caramel, and chocolate desserts.

Fleur de Sel (meaning “Salt Flower” in French) is an all-natural sea salt mined from the Italian island nation of Sicily, from salt deposits originating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Salt Flower earns its name as a “flower” of salt because it blooms on the surface of salt ponds, only at certain times of year (between May and September), when the sun and wind create the perfect conditions. The salt has a foam-like texture when harvested, making it very light, soft, and almost cloud-like. Using it in dishes is a sure sign of sophistication and taste.

Salt Flower is prized above all other sea salts for its fine, small grains, delicate white appearance, slight sweetness, and moist, fluffy texture. It is truly a stunning condiment, a stellar seasoning, a global rarity, and a culinary specialty — but above all else, it’s a gift of nature. Highly recommended to top over finished dishes, and cooked meats.

Net weight: 3.5 oz
Gross weight: 4 oz


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