The Curious Epicurean Set


We picked out this set as a gift for the most culinarily inclined and intrepid. Dare to take the plunge…or, share it with the most adventurous cooks in your home!

Each set features two of our bestselling products: spicy chili extra virgin olive oil and savory artichoke cream. It also includes our citrusy extra virgin olive oil with lemon and tangy red wine vinegar to round out this truly inquisitive collection. Each selection is made for its highly unique, specialized character, making it perfect for exploration…whether you’re an amateur cook, an elite chef, or somewhere in between.

Try your hand at adding subtle flavor notes or experimenting with new flavor pairings. Elevate simple home-cooked meals to amazing levels that will stun the taste buds! Combine our lemon olive oil with red wine vinegar to give seafood dishes new shine and sharp flavor, for example; or, use our artichoke cream to add body to even the most basic pasta dishes. The culinary world is your oyster!


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