Taste Of “Taggia” Set


This Taggiasca set is a perfect gift for the olive connoisseur in your life. Extra virgin “Taggiasca” olive oil, olive pulp, and whole, pitted olives are each made with or contain olives grown in Taggia, an Italian region known around the world for its unparalleled terroir for olives.

Taggiasca olives are sumptuous, thin-skinned, and irresistibly juicy. When made into oil, they impart sweet flavor that is very perceptible and widely adored. Their culinary character is owed to the channels of sea air and moisture that reach the very unique groves where these olives are grown, located on steep mountainside terraces lining deep valleys linked to the Mediterranean Sea.

Conditions like these produce olive flavor and quality that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world, let alone in Italy! Savor them in a finishing drizzle of extra virgin “Taggiasca” olive oil, in whole olives as part of charcuterie, or pulped and mixed into vinaigrettes, tapenade, and so many other recipes or creations. Explore them all for yourself or give them as the ultimate culinary gift.


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