Quick Pasta Dinner Set


Pasta night just became a whole lot more exciting. Transform a simple pantry dinner into a full Italian cuisine experience with hand cut pasta, Ligurian pesto, and one of the rarest artisan salts in the world, fleur de sel!

A fast, casual pasta dinner like this couldn’t be simpler, healthier, or more authentic. Whole ingredients are grown or handcrafted in Italy; our pesto, for example, is carefully made with aromatic sweet basil locally grown in the heart of pesto’s Italian homeland. No artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives are added to any products.

These three items are the staples for a perfect classic Italian meal, made in minutes! Simple yet epicurean, nothing evokes the Mediterranean more than the mingling flavors of earthy pasta, creamy pesto, and the highest quality salt plucked right from the Mediterranean Sea itself. Each item is made in the traditional Italian style it was always meant to be created.


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