Make Your Own Vinaigrette Set


Make a powerful vinaigrette with the purest, most authentic ingredients, straight from the Mediterranean…but right in your own home! Or, gift this culinary set to someone you love.

You can’t go wrong with the finest balsamic in the world (from Modena, Italy) as your vinaigrette base. Includes pitted “Taggiasca” olives, old-fashioned mustard made in France, and a top-quality extra virgin “Taggiasca” olive oil to round out or liven up any vinaigrette recipe. Or even better: use all these ingredients together to make your very own basic vinaigrette, and as tart or sweet as you like.

The pitted olives (as well as those in the included olive oil) come from Taggia, one of the best regions for growing olives in Italy. Against this floral, juicy backdrop, every flavor in your homemade salads will be humming along to an amazing symphony of flavor that can only originate from the Riviera.


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