Taggiasca Olive Pulp in Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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Pitted “Taggiasca” olives 61 %, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 36%, Salt, Natural flavors. Acidity Corrector: Citric Acid.


Sumptuous and easy to eat. Stunning flavors make them a great appetizer on their very own, but also in salads, pizza, and Pissaladière. A great pairing with tomato fondue.

It’s no mistake Italian Taggiasca olives are known for being the highest quality olives in the world. Deep brown to black, pitted, and utterly irresistible, a jar of these little beauties is a sure sign of bona fide, first-rate cooking in just about any kitchen.

Grown near Taggia in Ponente, western Liguria, these olives are a true mark of culinary finery and excellence — and they cannot be grown anywhere else with the same unmistakable flavors. Each fruit is hand-picked from the best-tended olive groves in the region, groves best-known for producing the most flavorful olives possible. Harvested in drupes, the fruits are first pickled then stoned and preserved in extra virgin olive oil, with salt and citric acid to enhance flavor and shelf life.

Enjoy in appetizer preparations (hors d’oeuvres or antipasti platters), aperitifs, or for garnishing. They can be paired deliciously with seafood, rich meat courses, salads, tomato fondue, pissaladière, and with pizzas..

Net weight: 6.5 oz
Gross weight: 12 oz


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