Old Fashioned Mustard



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Cider vinegar 51.3%, Mustard seeds and coats, Water, Salt.


It’s not for just sandwiches. Top this condiment on grilled or poached meats, or utilize its pungent, earthy, spicy notes for unparalleled sauces or vinaigrettes.

Taste nothing but the genuine purity of a simple condiment, made just as it was (and was meant to be) back in the old days. This mustard is handmade in France, following a traditional recipe, and using only the whole, essential ingredients it truly needs — nothing else.

Entire mustard seeds are harvested from fresh plants. Then they are cracked, crushed, and ground for this preparation, unleashing the mustard’s signature pungent spiciness with earthy undertones. A cider vinegar is added, along with water and sea salt, for further flavor and preservation. No synthetic additives or preservatives are included, though it does contain sulfites.

This old-fashioned mustard has a gorgeous deep brown-yellow color and robust taste, perfect for livening up sandwiches, vinaigrettes, or as a condiment for grilled and poached meats.

Net weight: 7 oz
Gross weight: 13.5 oz


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