Artichoke Cream In Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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Artichokes 50%, Extra virgin olive oil 39%, Vinegar, Natural flavor, Salt.


A velvety topping, seasoning, or appetizer all on its own. Spread on crostini, add to sauces (or vinaigrettes), and experience uplifting flavor in pasta, risotto, meats, or seafood.

This artichoke cream is prepared to be a ready-to-use spread for any occasion — though it is especially suited for snacks, pasta dishes, rice dishes, canapés, and many other creative culinary pursuits it may enhance. Both home cooks and chefs are bound to enjoy it immensely. We particularly recommend it for pasta sauces and all manner of Mediterranean cuisine.

Only the choicest artichokes are selected, each locally grown and nurtured for tenderness and flavor. Fibrous and delicious artichoke petals are creamed and mixed with high quality extra virgin olive oil. Vinegar, salt, and natural flavors are added for preservation and taste — the final composition being 50% artichoke and 39% extra virgin olive oil.

This recipe leads to a deep green, very appetizing paste — and an incredibly satisfying condiment with intense notes of artichoke. An excellent topping to crackers and toasts, in a vinaigrette sauce, paste, risotto or as a side for meat and fish.

Net Weight: 7 oz
Gross Weight: 11 oz


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