Aged Red Wine Vinegar



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Wine vinegar, Antioxidant.


Tart and acidic, it makes for a great glaze, vinaigrette, or seasoning all its own for salads and lettuce – especially green lettuces. Perfect for oysters with sliced shallots.

A careful selection of choice Piedmont wines go into this aged and filtered red wine vinegar. Originally a light red shade, the foundational wines are placed in small oak barrels to be acetified for an additional year, allowing flavors and richness of the final product to fully manifest.

In the process, its color deepens from red to a mature amber color. Final fermentation in these wooden barrels is essential for the red wine vinegar’s flavors to increase in complexity. Tannins from the oak are central to its flavor profile, transferred into the medium during acetification.

In as little as a few drops, the intricacy, balance, and strength of the vinegar are instantly effective at bringing out the flavors in a wide range of homemade dishes and preparations: marinades, vinaigrettes, savory pan sauces, and more. Underneath it all, the true nature and essences of the original high-quality Piedmont wines can still be noticed, fully experienced, and expertly utilized. It is commonly used in vinaigrette sauce and for seasoning any type of salad such as romaine lettuce.

Net weight: 9 oz
Gross weight: 17 oz


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