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No. La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc is an online store for premium oils and condiments, in partnership with the restaurant “La Merenda” in the French Riviera.

It means “the snack” in Italian, or a little meal between lunch and dinner.

Yes, all of them are except our Tagliolini pasta.

Yes. All of our products are vegan, except for our Pesto and Tagliolini pasta.


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Olive Oil

All our olive oils are made in Italy from 100% Italian olives, each one grown in local olive groves. Most are sourced from Liguria, Italy, one of the most famous and best climates for growing olives in the world. Our olives are pressed into oil at a mill located in the small village of Imperia, Liguria.

We harvest our olives fresh and at the peak of maturity. We then quickly clean and remove dirt, leaves, and other natural debris from them before pressing into oil. Olives are immediately sent out to be cold pressed right away after picking, which is essential to meeting extra virgin standards. Thanks to a special centrifuge decanter, we naturally separate only the very best quality oils from processed olive pulp during the process. The final oil is then sent out for bottling in our factory in steel tanks, which helps preserve its highest quality, flavor, color, and texture.

Extra virgin means the oil is made using the highest quality techniques possible. These have been developed over generations, if not centuries, to capture the very best in flavor, texture, and health benefits from olives, and ensures an exceptional culinary experience. The most important method for making extra virgin olive oil is immediate cold pressing! Storing harvested olives for too long (as in other oil-making techniques) causes fermentation that interferes with superb extra virgin taste. This storage also runs the risk of olives losing their natural healthy antioxidants, making extra virgin the healthiest grade. This is why we send our olives to the press right away after harvesting! For more information on differences between extra virgin and other olive oil grades, read our blog post.

First, natural chili pepper flavoring is added to the actual body of the oil. We then add dehydrated red chili peppers directly to the oil, too. The peppers are produced by local expert Italian growers. Lastly, the oil is bottled and treated to be ready for shipment.

For most dishes and everyday cooking, we recommend our 33.8 fl.oz. extra virgin olive oil. It’s perfect for heating, roasting, frying, using cold, and practically every preparation! For a truly incredible and authentic extra virgin experience, our premium selection Taggiasca olive oil is best for using cold and captures the best olive flavors possible. For a delectable accent to any fish or seafood, try our extra virgin olive oil with lemon!


Unlike most store-bought red wine vinegar, ours is made from carefully selected top shelf red Piedmont wines. The wine is then fermented and aged in oak barrels, giving it final touches of aroma and flavor truly characteristic of this classic vinegar

Keep it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

So long as you store your red wine vinegar correctly, it should never expire!

A balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy is the mark of a true authentic balsamic. In the culinary world, it’s the highest caliber and quality of balsamic you can buy. Purchasing vinegar of Modena means your vinegar was made in the very birthplace of balsamic itself, using centuries-old traditional methods and by vinegar makers with global reputations.

To create a balsamic, vinegar makers first cook grape must, a fresh juice pressed from the fruits, seeds, and stems of grapes. This is gently blended with a superb wine vinegar, then aged in wooden barrels of ash, oak, cherry, or other fine woods. Natural finings are added during this process to improve the liquid’s clarity and remove sediment. This fermentation takes place over many years, sometimes 25 or more! The vinegar is then moved during this time to smaller and smaller barrels as the fermentation progresses and matures. After being analyzed and certified as quality and ready for market, the vinegar’s final step is filtration, bottling, and then (of course) its enjoyment as a wondrous gourmet condiment!


Artichoke cream is an excellent ingredient for vinaigrette recipes. Use it to dress salads on its own, too. For canapés and crostini, it’s a great topping as well! It can be a great part of charcuterie or cheese plates, accompanying cured meats and pickled vegetables quite well. Add a decorative dollop to spinach artichoke cream dip or a hummus platter for a touch of savory, vegetal, and Mediterranean flavor.

For heated preparations, use artichoke cream in Italian pasta sauces, whether cream- or tomato-based. For risotto, prepare with Carnaroli rice, and pair with savory meats and seafood.

Liguria is a region in northwestern Italy that’s world famous for basil! It’s home to the city Genoa and Genovese sweet basil, the classic green aromatic herb of Italian cuisine. Naturally, Liguria is also the homeland of basil pesto, making Ligurian pesto recipes the most authentic and traditional recipes in the world. A classic Ligurian pesto is made from fine extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan cheese, fresh cut basil, pine nuts, and garlic.

Taggiasca olives are grown in Taggia, Italy. They come from olive groves situated in steep terraced valleys off the coast of the Mediterranean. Taggiasca olives are world renowned for flavor and quality that can’t be replicated anywhere else. In these groves, the olives receive moisture, nutrients, and perfect climate conditions from sea air that travels inland via the valley’s channels. The olive fruits themselves are recognizable for their small size, thin skins, low acidity, juicier texture, and a noticeably sweeter, milder flavor compared to other olive varieties.

Pastra & Pantry

Fleur de sel is truly a cut above other sea salt! It all comes down to how it’s harvested, which is a different process compared to other sea salt types. This grade is called “fleur de sel” (“salt flower” in Italian) because it is the finest, lightest grade and floats in white “blooms” on the sea’s surface. It requires very delicate handling to be harvested! The result is a much fluffier, lighter salt with more intense flavor. We suggest using it in smaller quantities or as a finishing salt, and to save your typical sea salt for using in larger amounts. (To use fleur de sel in large amounts, try dissolving it into a brine or water solution to keep the flavor in your cooking mild!)

No, it contains gluten! We use a premium durum semolina, which is a type of wheat, and all wheat contains gluten.

We use a recipe of premium durum semolina, eggs, wheat germ, and water. Only whole, pure ingredients, and nothing artificial. The pasta is very slowly dried at low temperatures, which is how the best artisanal Italian pasta is always made.

Fleur de sel is best for seafood, fish, and meats that could use a little extra seasoning (like white meat and poultry). A small amount in a vinaigrette recipe goes a long way, and it can be an amazing accent for pasta sauces. It’s a classic finishing salt, so try adding a pinch to your plate right before a meal to really bring out its flavors!

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