Inspired by La Merenda restaurant in the French Riviera, the online store "La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc" was founded in 2018 in New York City; in partnership with La Merenda’s Michelin star chef Dominique Le Stanc. La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc aims to conveniently deliver the finest quality foods, ingredients, and other culinary products straight to your doorstep. The very same products used in La Merenda’s restaurant can now be delivered in the comfort of your own home, with each confection carefully curated by chef Dominique.

Through our online shop, anyone can experience authentic and superb French cuisine anywhere in the U.S. It’s only a click away, no matter your state of residence. Skip out on long searches for authentic ingredients. Our online store will save you the trip and time spent going out to seek these products. Come shop and dine with us in true French fashion and experience the very same quality and flavor of La Merenda.


We strive to provide our customers with the finest quality French and Italian food products.

We encourage people to cook more, with only the best quality ingredients for an authentic food experience.

We aim to share the culture and story of La Merenda: a story all about simplicity and authenticity.

We promote healthy eating habits through cooking for a better way of living.


To be the leading online store for the finest quality ingredients.

To become one of the main providers of the rarest and finest foods worldwide.

To continue inspiring a tradition of authentic cooking for generations to come.


We are passionate about authentic and high-quality foods, our highest value of all.

We are also customer-focused: placing utmost priority on quality of service and buyer satisfaction.

We take enormous pride in transparency, accountability, determination, and positive team spirit.

We are intent on personal accountability for delivering on all our customer commitments.

We strive to promote a healthy way of living and, through that, a better cooking experience.

We are committed to providing authentic products conveniently to your home: in a reliable, consistent manner.