Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon Condiment


We combine some of the finest olives grown in the world, from Liguria, Italy, with the world’s most beloved citrus fruit of all time: the lemon. The result is a very special condiment indeed. All the subtlety and exquisiteness of the highest quality olives shine bright alongside sharp and sparkling lemon tones, found in an oil with golden-yellow color and slight shade of green. 

Citrus-flavored oils are popular for being more vibrant compared to typical oils, providing an appetizing yet veiled accent to more varied and unusual dishes. Lemon citrus achieves this delicate dance with olive oil exceptionally well.

When produced, the oil’s combination and balance is perfectly achieved through carefully pressing ripe olives at the exact same time as fresh lemons. The final composition: 80% olive oil with 20% lemon.

Use our extra virgin lemon olive oil to prepare fish tartare, carpaccio, crustacean dishes, choice vegetables, and desserts that feature red fruits as a base.

Net Weight: 8 oz
Gross Weight: 16 oz


Extra virgin olive oil (70-80%), Fresh lemons (20-30%).

Food Pairings

An essential ingredient for tartar sauces and carpaccio. Pairs wonderfully with fish and seafood, all manner of vegetables (cooked or fresh), and fruity desserts (especially with red fruits like strawberry, raspberry, or pomegranate).
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