A Gentleman in the Kitchen

Two Michelin star chef Dominique Le Stanc has worked with a wide range of famous chefs and many Michelin star restaurants — some having been elevated through his amazing talent and work ethic. These include Paul Haeberlin, Robert Husser, Gaston Lenôtre, Alain Chapel, and others; and prestigious establishments like L’Auberge de L’Ill, Le Pré Catelan, Le Chantecler , and more. Though Le Stanc achieved his childhood dream to achieve two Michelin stars, he’s most remarkable for maintaining his deep appreciation of (and belief in) one enduring fact: that fine cooking is uplifted most when robust, flavorful culinary simplicity can shine though in dishes without being weighed down by concept or gusto.

How it all started

La Merenda is the tiny yet arguably most iconic restaurant of the French Riviera, showcasing Niçois cuisine for over 50 years. 23 years ago, Dominique Le Stanc took the restaurant’s helm, seeing it as an opportunity to get back to the basic culinary roots he loved so much — and which inspired him to become a chef in the first place. In harmony with the past owners’ wishes, Dominique acquired La Merenda in 1996. Today, it still serves the exact same dishes it served half a century ago — but prepared by a Michelin-starred chef with a deep love for fresh, simple, authentic ingredients and cookery.

New York, USA

Inspired by La Merenda restaurant in the French Riviera, the online grocery store "La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc" was founded in 2018 in New York City; in partnership with La Merenda’s Michelin star chef Dominique Le Stanc. La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc aims to conveniently deliver the finest quality foods, ingredients, and other culinary products straight to your doorstep.